Friday, April 10, 2009

We're Now Blogging!

We are so thrilled to see our "Fun Place to Shop" mentioned in so many posts with such glowing reviews that we have been inspired to start a blog, ourselves. Please bear with us as we initiate this new way to communicate with you, our customers and our future customers.

What do we hope to accomplish with this blog? Several things, actually. First, we hope to use this forum to let you know when some exciting new finds have come into the shop. As all of our dealers are full-time, working dealers, they literally bring new treasures in everyday. However, there are many (MANY) times that we just can't wait to say "Look what I just brought in!" Believe me, we enjoy the hunt and finding these cherished pieces just as much as you enjoy finding them in our store. Secondly, we hope to inspire you with some decorating ideas of our own. Our dealers are so artistic in how they can take a few random pieces of furniture and decorative accessories and arrange them in a most inviting way. But, most importantly, we hope to provide a forum where our customers can let everyone else know what treasures they have found at A Classy Flea and what they have done with them in and around their home.

How often will we be posting? That's a very good question. This will be a team blog with multiple dealers and owners contributing. We hope to eventually get an organized schedule so you know what types of posts to expect when.

We encourage your feedback. We want to know what you want to see presented in this blog. We want to know what your most memorable find at A Classy Flea was. We want to know how far you travel to visit us here in Marietta, Georgia!

Please visit our website and be sure to click on the "Store Map" button where you can see an overview of our store. You can also click on any of the booths to see a couple of representative pictures of that booth.

As always, we appreciate you shopping at A Classy Flea, it's the FUN place to shop!

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