Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink Saturday at A Classy Flea


Hello, and welcome to our first dedicated Pink Saturday. Pink Saturday is hosted by Beverly at this location.. Be sure to click on the link (or the picture to the right) to go to her blog and see a list of the other participants in this weeks Pink Saturday.

Editor’s note: We are using Windows Live Writer for the first time with this post. Please bear with us and let us know of any formatting or picture problems!

We are showcasing two vignettes today. The first one caught my eye as I was strolling through the store looking for inspiration for this post. It just so happened that Becky (RBEY) had the cutest little display that just happened to be filled with touches of pink.

RBEY You can see why this caught my eye. A thoughtful combination of wall art and milk glass with just enough accessories to complete the ‘picture’.
Original oil “Irises”: $67.00
2 Small Framed Plates: $20.00 ea.
Vintage Floral Print in Pink Shabby Frame: $16.00
Girl’s Dress with Pink Sweater: $14.00

RBEY Here’s a close-up of the accessories. I especially like the way she is using an old framed mirror as a dresser tray! As with all of the pictures today, you can click on the picture above to see a larger version.
Capodimonte Plaque with Tassel: $14.95
Metal Floral Wall Decor: $8.00
Shabby Pink Mirror (used as the tray): $32.00

Items on the tray:
Tiara: $12.95
Faux Pearls: $10.00
Vintage Avon Poodle: $7.95
Pink and White Vase: $12.00 (Includes the Silk Pink Peonies!)
Heart Milk Glass Trinket Box: $4.95
Westmoreland Milk Glass Fan Vase: $12.00
Square Hobnail Milk Glass Compote: $12.95

Other items:
Table Runner (under the tray): $12.50
Old Ironstone Platter: $12.00
Limoges Plate: $9.95
Small Oval Girl Plaque (in the compote): $3.50
Hand Painted Square Milk Glass Compote: $9.95
Pressed Glass Pitcher: $7.00
China Doll Bell (sorry, no clapper): $5.95
Porcelain Cherub holding Flowers: $16.95
White Laura Ashley Pitcher: $8.95
The Blue Stool (used as a riser): $9.00

…and I just had to share this picture that was also in Becky’s booth:
RBEY 3 Girls In Shabby Pink Frame: $37.00

Our other vignette today was assembled by Shelley (SHEL). She had the best time ‘shopping’ the booths and picking out the perfect things for a little girl’s room.

ps1-1 Isn’t this just adorable? Let’s take a little closer look…

SHEL On top of the armoire, you will find
Pink Parasol: $9.00 (K9)
White Lamp with Pink Shade: $19.95 (B)
”Dance” sign: $4.95 (B)
Large Bearington Lamb: $28.00 (SHEL)

SHEL Moving down the armoire…
Cute little doll: $8.99 (JO)
Chenille Baby Blanket (under the doll): $10.00 (SHEL)
Pink Teddy Bear: $2.50 (SHEL)
Green Bunny: $2.50 (SHEL)
White Dress with Pink Bow: $10.00 (JAZZ)
Pink Dress: $12.00 (JAZZ)
”Song of the Lark” Vintage Print in Pink Frame: $24.95 (NET)
Pink Matelasse Coverlet and Sham (on the left): $49.00 (GRE)
Children’s Armoire with Pink and Green Accents: $149.00 (SHEL)

SHEL Can’t you just imagine a little girl having a tea party at this table?
Child’s Table with 2 chairs: $65.00 (JO)
Chenille Cake with Roses: $32.00 (DEB)
Cake Plate: $8.50 (DEB)
Lady in Pink Dress Double Planter: $7.50 (EM)
3 Piece Mother Goose Meal Set by Tiara: $10.00/set (JO)
Curly Teddy Bear (on the left): $7.95 (B)
Brown Teddy Bear (on the right): $4.00 (SIS)
White Bunny: $4.00 (SHEL)
Artificial Flower Bunches: $3.00 per bunch (SHEL)

We hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual stroll through our pink paradise. If you are ever in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please stop in and tell us you saw us on our blog!

A little about us - We are located in Marietta, GA, about a half mile east of "The Big Chicken". With over 25 full time dealers, we are open 7 days a week. You can get much more information by clicking on the link here. As pretty as these items are, and as much as we want you to have them, our policy prohibits us from selling any of these items without you seeing them in person.


  1. Great items and perfectly pink. I can't wait till DH and I make it over to your store.

  2. This was such a fun post! I love the idea of painting a mirror pink and using it as a tray! There are so many Pinks to name all my favorites. Being here in GA I am going to have to make time and come see ya'll in person!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Love pinks in your post 1
    Rini the Netherlands

  4. Love your Pink goodies there! All so sweet, my favorite was the vintage print of the little girl near the bottom of the posting! welcome to pink saturday! Suzie

  5. *´¨)
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* HAPPY PINK SATURDAY *

  6. Your pinks are just pink-a-licious! Pink Saturday, the one day of the week, other than in my home, where I see pink all around me and it's just sheer joy to the senses!

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope the days bring you all the blessings, grace and peace your ♥ seeks to find.

  7. Lots of great pink going on in there today, beautiful items, love the milk glass pieces, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  8. I LOVE your stuff, I told my Mom about your post last week & we will definitely be taking a round trip in the near future to visit. I LOVE pink & she loves treasures.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Pretty pinks! Love the Capodimonte plaque! Have a lovely weekend.


  10. I love all the varied pinks in the displays. Especially love the print in the frame. Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. I am packing my bag, catching a flight and I am coming shopping! Such wonderful "pretties". Especially love the pink frame with the girls!!! What a great Mothers Day present!

    Your blog looked problems for me!


  12. So charming! I wish I was there to stroll through. Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Very lovely vignettes. Using the painted mirror as a tray is a wonderful idea.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  14. The first picture is my favorite :). I love the big floral painting...Have a beautiful PINK day! Julie

  15. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Pretty pinks!

  16. What a fun little shop! I would love to browse through it. I think if I had a space in an antique shop, my favorite part would just be arranging and fussing with all of the items, hee! ;) Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. Happy Pink Saturday! X Es X

  18. i'd love to be able to shop there! so pretty!! happy pink week a bit late!

  19. Oh wow! I didn't realize your store had a blog. That pink frame (Song of the Lark) used to be mine. I sold a bunch of my stuff before I moved to Carrrollton and a lady came out and bought a bunch of my stuff. I think her name was Annette? I remember her telling me she had a booth there. Too funny.