Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday at ‘The Flea’

Welcome to our 2nd installment of Friday at ‘The Flea’. This was created in response to posts by our friend Susan at Between Naps on the Porch who often blogs about her shopping trips to our store and the fabulous treasures she has purchased for herself here.

The inspiration for today's trip to A Classy Flea came from a couple of hand painted dishes in my living room at home. Hand painted china are often wondrous works of art in their own right and can be a very inexpensive way to collect ‘art’. Unfortunately, most pieces are unsigned as they were “just” painted by workers at the potters.

We’ll start today’s trip with an unmarked dish. This shows how inexpensively anyone can begin collecting this type of china.
Concorde Ashtray
Small Trinket Dish: $4.95 (GRE)

Here’s a crossover collectable, ashtrays. Small, cute, and very affordable.
” Fine Concorde China” Ashtrays: $6.00 ea (JER)

I have rarely seen hand painted china that looked like watercolors. These two 9” plates are fine examples:
 “Royal Crescent – Bavaria” 9” Plates: $15.00 ea (PHL)

Don’t be afraid to mix in some beautiful transfer ware dishes with the hand painted ones. They are often hard to distinguish and are usually less expensive.
 K & L Germany Bowl: $7.95 (DEB)

Of course, it’s always fun to find a signature on a hand painted piece. There are collectors that will buy only signed pieces.
 Unmarked Plate with Roses: $8.00 (KI)

But then, there are higher-end pieces, as well. The artwork is exquisite, the colors bold and bright, and the pottery is often embossed with it’s own design.

and a side view of the same serving bowl:
 Hand Painted Bowl marked Bavaria: $89.00 (CRIS)

Join us again tomorrow as we present Pink Saturday.

A little about us - We are located in Marietta, GA, about a half mile east of "The Big Chicken". With over 25 full time dealers, we are open 7 days a week. You can get much more information by clicking on the link here. As pretty as these items are, and as much as we want you to have them, our policy prohibits us from selling any of these items without you seeing them in person.


  1. Beautiful China! I love the roses!!
    Can't wait to see your Pink Saturday Blog.

  2. Painted plates are my weakness, I love to collect them and also love to paint them, and I do sign everyone I do.
    Thanks for sharing.