Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Friday at “The Flea” #3

Welcome to our 3rd installment of Friday at ‘The Flea’. This was created in response to posts by our friend Susan at Between Naps on the Porch who often blogs about her shopping trips to our store and the fabulous treasures she has purchased for herself here.

I asked our dealers for ideas on what they would like to see posted on our Friday blog. A couple of dealers enthusiastically asked for a post on some of our wonderful Primitives. So I sent word to our dealers to bring in some of their primitives and they responded. But…

Two of the most common phrases heard here at A Classy Flea from our shoppers is “I should have bought that when I saw it!” and “It was here just yesterday!” Well, it goes for taking pictures, too! Some of the most fantastic things have come and gone before I even got to share them with you, but I think you’ll really enjoy many of the items on our virtual shopping trip today. Be sure to click on any of the pictures to see a bigger view.

When I think of “Primitives” as it relates to antiques and interior design, I immediately think of furniture. Here’s an old double school desk, the likes of which I have never seen before:
ff3-04 Double School Desk: $179 (LRA) and she’ll throw in the stools!

Wouldn’t this make a most unusual potting bench, as well? Here’s a view from the side:

Another thing that comes to mind is twig furniture. Here are a couple of examples:

ff3-17Child’s Twig Chair: $69 (NET) ff3-22Twig Planter Box (also great for a magazine rack!): $48 (BIG)

Some things are truly old
ff3-10Pine Bench: $24 (LRA)

while others are just made to look old. Can you tell what the ironwork on the back of this piece is?
ff3-11 Red Potting Bench (with treadle sewing machine detail): $179 (BJS)

And then there are some very old things that, though we probably wouldn’t refer to them as primitive, would fit right into a primitive decor.
ff3-01 Old Rattan Tea Cart: $39 (JER)

ff3-03 Oak Desk with 2 Drawers: $99 (SHEL)

ff3-07Victorian Baby Bed: sale $129 (LRA)
Very Old Homespun Blanket: $59 (GRE)

ff3-19 Does the vanity chair look familiar?
Antique Crib with Original Pink Paint: $79 (GRE)

How about some decorative accessories?ff3-02 Old Rusted Wrought Iron Gate: $29 (JER)

ff3-12 Antique Oak Newel Post: $99 (DWAL)

ff3-14 “Modern” Dairy Milk Box: $29 (GRE)

ff3-23Old Toy Tractor Trailer: $69 (BIG)

Just as each of our houses have our own personal “look”, our dealers each have their own personal look to their booths here, as well. Annette’s (NET) space is overflowing with items that could be in this post, but here’s a snapshot of a small display in one corner of her booth:ff3-18Pepsi-Cola Grocery Store Display Rack: $99
Schmidt’s Beer Tray: $9.99
Blue Graniteware Pail with lid: $24
Pepsi Drink Carrier: $39
Yellow Enamel Teapot: $8.99
Baby Blue Chamber Pot: $9.99
Hand Forged Ice Tongs: $19.99

Remember the double school desk at the top of the post? There was something sitting on top that I just wanted to share a closer look…
ff3-06an old Chatillon Penny Counter (with a 1000 pc. limit): $59 (LRA)

Thanks for browsing through our shop this week. Next week we’ll be showing some pottery pieces, everything from antique Staffordshire to newer North Georgia examples. Who knows, we may even have a Lanier Meaders Face Jug! Is there something YOU would like to see featured on Friday at “The Flea”? Just send us an e-mail or drop us a comment, we want to know.

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow, where we are going to be showing an antique dress for Pink Saturday.

A little about us - We are located in Marietta, GA, about a half mile east of "The Big Chicken". With over 25 full time dealers, we are open 7 days a week. You can get much more information by clicking on the link here. As pretty as these items are, and as much as we want you to have them, our policy prohibits us from selling any of these items without you seeing them in person.


  1. Wonderful items!!

    I love the potting bench with the sewing machine piece. The twig furniture is beautiful.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. I'm so delighted to see your blog! I'm a fan and friend of Susan's and also loved her shopping trips through your shop! ☺ Diane

  3. Thank you for the shopping trip. Also the information about the pottery. Have a nice week. Sandi