Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tablescape Thursday #10

tablescape Thanks for joining us for our tenth Tablescape Thursday.  Be sure to visit our good friend Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for links to all of the other tablescapes this week. As always, click on any picture below to see a larger version for more detail.

This week’s inspiration came not from a set of dishes, nor the perfect table, not glassware, flatware, or centerpiece. This week’s inspiration came from a special piece of furniture that just arrived in the store.

To work this piece of furniture into a tablescape, we decided to have a little tea party!
p7220027 Here we have our silver plate tea set, earthenware creamer and sugar, silverware and red and white transferware ready to go on a coffee table. (Maybe it should be a “tea table” in this case! No, this isn’t the inspiration piece.)

p7220028 Here’s a little closer view of the tea service. So classy!

p7220029 It’s so much fun to mix and match patterns! As many collectors already know, it can be so much fun to group similar items as opposed to same items.

p7220030 And here’s a mirrored-back buffet being used for it’s originally intended purpose. No, it’s not the inspiration piece.

p7220031 Don’t you just love these old transferware grill plates? The cut glass decanter and biscuit jar add just enough sparkle. The old mirrored tray keeps everything tidy.

p7220032 Some red silk roses to play off the red and white stoneware.

Curious about that piece of furniture that inspired this service?

How about a stunning, hand worked needlepoint sofa?p7220035

p7220034 Here’s the entire room vignette. Here’s just another example of A Classy Flea living up to our name! I would like to thank Patricia (VON) and Connie (CAT) for assembling today’s tablescape. I would also like to thank Barb (B) for sharing her space and sofa for today’s photo shoot. I apologize to all of the dealers whose pieces were used as I have misplaced the notes with names and prices for each of the pieces.  We all hope you enjoyed this very nontraditional tablescape from all of the dealers at A Classy Flea.

For all of our friends in the Atlanta area, we are teaming up with Rockin –P – Rescue as they host a fund-raising flea-market in the Town and Country Shopping Center where we are also located. We will be having our own “Dog Days of Summer” sale this week-end with all of our dealers participating. Please stop by the temporary Rockin-P store located behind our friends at Psycho Tattoo.

A little about us - We are located in Marietta, GA, about a half mile east of "The Big Chicken". With over 25 full time dealers, we are open 7 days a week. You can get much more information by clicking on the link here. As pretty as these items are, and as much as we want you to have them, our policy prohibits us from selling any of these items without you seeing them in person.


  1. This was great and they are all inspiration pieces to me!
    All the best,

  2. What a lovely tea party! :D Jewel

  3. Very pretty! I am a big fan of red transferware.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  4. Wow, I love the red transferware. I have red toile curtains in my kitchen and have been searching for transferware online. Beautiful post!

  5. Very lovely indeed! That needpoint sofa is killer! Everything looks wonderful!


  6. What a lovely table setting you have... Having Tea sitting on that beautiful sofa would be so wonderful... The Transfer ware dishes are just so pretty... thanks for sharing... have a great day.


  7. Yes, love the couch, and the transferware! And the tea party!

  8. Oh lovely! I could just sit right down for a cup of tea!


  9. You showed us so many beautiful things! But then you always do, don't you???

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love the tablescape, but I love, love, love the inspiration piece aka: needlepoint sofa.

  11. Very pretty! Love the large crocheted doily! Nice tea party!


  12. This was great and they are all inspiration pieces to me!

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